Archive and Document Storage

We offer friendly personal customer service and provide storage for all your records and documents such as business, legal, medical, financial and government records through to data and electronic media using standard storage cartons. Palmers Archive Storage Solutions takes care of all your storage, management and retrieval needs. We also offer larger storage options such as Modular Crate storage so contact us if you have special requirements.

The basic storage unit is an archive storage carton that is barcoded and located into three levels of security and access as selected by the customer. We are always keen for customers to choose the most appropriate level of service that matches their needs, as well as choosing the most suited options for pick-up and delivery. These are our standard range of solutions:

  • Level 1 is standard secure storage that is barcoded, secure and locked with access by Palmers personnel to retrieve the stored item(s) during business hours or by special arrangement after hours. This is carton-level storage and delivery via Routine, Priority, and Urgent retrieval options.
  • Level 2 is the same level of security and storage but with a dedicated storage area for the customer with the option of 24 x 7 access. This is secure storage for cartons not frequently needed or accessed.
  • Level 3 is premium storage for sensitive documents, electronic media and is in the secure Vault storage system . Access is restricted and requires double level clearance to access or retrieve stored boxes. This is storage for secure or valuable items and information requiring premium climate-controlled document storage and preservation.

If these do not match your requirement then call us and we would be happy to tailor a special offer or service for your archive storage needs.

We also comply with government standards for storage and preserving microform, disks and tapes as well as other electronic media in climate controlled vaults.

To help you implement a document storage program that meets your short and long-term needs Palmers offers a storage management services enable you to better plan, track, and execute your storage program.

Call Palmers on 1800 632 596 to find the specific information and an archive management solution that is right for your business.

Delivery Services

At Palmers we understand that access to your records when you need them most is paramount. That's why we offer our clients a range of delivery service levels. Palmers employs its own drivers to deliver and pick up to ensure that your records are delivered safely when properly requested.

Standard Delivery
All standard delivery requests received between 8.00am and 10am on any normal business day will be delivered before 5pm on the same day. If a standard request is received after 10am, it will be delivered the next business day.

Urgent Delivery
All urgent delivery requests received between 8.00am and 2pm on any normal business day will be delivered within 3 hours of the request being lodged.

After-hours Delivery
All after-hours delivery requests received between 3pm and 8.00pm on any day will be delivered within 4 hours of the request being lodged.

Storage Security

Our state-of-the-art ProtectaGuard security systems and internal delivery services ensure security from theft and breaches of confidentiality for sensitive records.

Our facilities are monitored using CCTV, area alarms and infrared movement sensors ensuring security and protection. We use internal security protocols and provide each customer with security identifiers and codes that are required in all transactions.

Free yourself from worry of secure storage and file archiving and let Palmers Archive Storage Solutions manage and protect your excess or sensitive company records from fire, theft and other disasters.